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Who are you?

Walkiah Cosplay consists of two Cosplayers from Germany, Sandra (Walkiah) and Tim. Read more in the About section.


What do you do?

Our job is making Costumes, Props, Convention Booths and Social Media content surrounding those topics. You can view a selection of our works in our Portfolio. We also offer Workshops to share our knowledge with others.


Do you work with Companies?

We do! We have worked with a good array of notable Companies already and are always up for new collabs!


Do you take Commissions?

We usually don’t take any comission work from private people.


Are your Costumes for Sale?

No. However, sometimes I decide to part with a Costume or Prop. If that is the case I will make a post announcing the sale on my Social Media accounts. Limited Items will sometimes be sold in our Etsy Shop along with Cosplay Prints.


Can we meet at a Convention?

Sure! If you would like to meet us at a specific Convention, you can ask the Con to invite us as a Cosplay Guest, with our booth or for doing a Workshop.


Do you have a Shop?

So far we only have an Etsy Shop.

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